wildly different

Meet The Wildly Different Team

Ever wonder about the people who get to play outside the cubicle with our clients? Here’s a few wild facts about our team…

Jane Lipps – Chief Fun Officer

jane lipps

The reason why our events look as good as they do is down to Jane’s BS Degree in Business, with an emphasis on marketing, from Miami – Ohio (not Florida!). She’s constantly trying to make things look the best they can!

Jane’s “loves?”

  • Dogs – We’re constantly picking dog hair off of Jane, as her and her husband Scott are animal lovers who act as dog foster parents when they don’t have a full house already (they currently have three of their own).
  • The beach – Especially Siesta Key where she got married. Does this mean she’s outdoorsy? Well, the sign in her office says it all – “I’m outdoorsy in that I like drinking cocktails on patios!”
  • Creating hunts – Her goal is to execute a hunt on Richard Branson’s private island (okay, her real goal is to own a private island). She’d also like to operate the Double Dog Air Dare we proposed to one client that never happened…yet! Anyone who knows a group of flying enthusiasts with private planes that want to do a real live Amazing Race experience, please call Jane.
  • Planks – But only because we do one every time we sell an event, so doing more planks means we sold more business!

Dislikes – Spiders. But, she does like the World Wide Web and is a whiz at connecting people.


Lisa Jennings – Chief Experience Officer

lisa jennings

When Lisa told her parents that she was going after a BS Degree in Leisure Services (a fancy term for Recreation), they were horrified. “Are you going to weave baskets for a living?” they asked. Many, many years later (she’s not saying how many), she’s one of very few people she knows that is still doing what they went to college for – and loving it!

She’s married to Gary, who also worked in recreation right out of college (it was kismet). Lisa and Gary were at Florida State University together (go Noles!), but didn’t know each other at the time, despite evidence from pictures that Gary used to hang out in the bar Lisa worked in!

Lisa is our resident health nut. She’s a blast to go to restaurants with, so long as they have a gluten-free, dairy-free, no beef, low-sugar option (one bowl of ice coming up)! She’s also a self-confessed workout-aholic. While most people like to relax on vacation, she can be found traversing mountains for 8 hours a day and has a bucket list of places she’d like to see while wearing her hiking boots.  And, when she’s not outdoors, she’s indoors listening to The Beatles (one of her go-to accessories is a Beatles record album purse).

What she enjoys most about working at Wildly Different is that she never knows what the day will hold until her phone rings. She loves coming up with new ideas, creating proposals with crazy plays on words and traveling to new destinations.


Kerri Bishop – Director of F&G (Fun & Games)

kerri bishop

Kerri also has a BS Degree in Commercial Recreation and Facility Management, but hers is from Central Michigan University. There’s something about girls who get degrees in recreation – we love it and tend to stay in jobs that celebrate “play,” as is witnessed by Kerri who has over 20 years working in recreation and the event industry at resorts, team building companies, and Walt Disney World.

Kerri is currently the only Mom of our bunch, as she has two boys, Bradley and Jacob, with her husband Paul, who keep her very busy. Whenever she’s not playing with our clients, she can be found on the beach, at sporting events, gallivanting at theme parks, or vacationing on Disney Cruise Line with her family.

She loves working at Wildly Different because she has the chance to be creative, work with a lot of great people, and plan events where she knows people will have fun.

What more would you expect from someone whose favorite quote is from Oliver Wendell Holmes, which reads, “We do not quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing.”


McKenzie Kaufeld Counts – Manager of Making It Happen

mckenzie kaufeld counts

Mac stumbled across Wildly Different while she was earning her BS in Event Management from University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality. She asked Lisa, who was presenting to her class, if she could shadow her to learn about her job and Lisa invited her to work on-call with them instead. Next thing you know, we were calling her so much, we decided to make her a full-time member of the team!

The two loves of her life are her husband Dan, with whom she shares an obsession for craft brews and Bed & Breakfasts. And, her dog, Caddy, who she wants to bring everywhere she goes.

Her loves include:

  • Traveling and experiencing culture from around the world
  • Coke Icees, which she truly believes can cure all that ails you (except for brain freezes)
  • The challenge and excitement each one of our Wildly Different events brings, as no two events are ever the same!

Aeme Vargas – Do It All Event Diva

aeme vargas


Aeme, pronounced Amy, (hey – we also spell wildly differently) always dreamt of being an Event Planner because it seemed like the best job ever; but now that she plans fun & games for corporate events, she says she knows she has the best job ever. And, she’s a natural at it because she loves using a theme to turn just about anything into an event.

This Dominican Republic-born girl (no one ever believes she was born there) is excited about getting married to her BFF of 10 years, Marvin, in Costa Rica this fall! She’s not ready yet, but when the time comes, she can’t wait to be a mom!


  • Halloween – If it were held everyday, she’d never run out of ideas to dress up (but no scary stuff)!
  • Her planner (it’s an obsession).
  • Experiencing new things, which Wildly Different has helped with, as she’s traveled more since working there than she had in her whole previous life.
  • Making other people happy (aww…)
  • And well…don’t ask her to list anymore because she hates making decisions, like choosing a favorite anything, because she truly does love everything!

Gaby Maldonado – Event Superstar

gaby maldonado

Gaby always loved planning, so when Aeme told her there was an opening at Wildly Different, she pounced on the opportunity! She’d been accepted to nursing school, but that was quickly pushed aside – stat!

She’s married to Nilo, who she met online (yes folks, it really does work sometimes). And, even though she loves animals, she’s currently limited herself to one dog, Gordo, who she calls “her son.” Family to her is everything.

When this girl has a passion, she goes whole hog. She loves makeup and if there’s a color of lipstick that exists, it’s probably in her collection of 40 + shades. And, Grease? If it’s on – she’s watching (it’s the one that she wants – ooh, ooh, ooh, honey)!

What she loves most about her job at Wildly Different is that there is always something new to be experienced, the traveling, and that she actually gets paid to play games.