THE AMAZING CHASE — Team Building Event

This high-energy team building activity could be its own reality show! In the television show Amazing Race, the emphasis is on the race. In the Amazing Chase, the emphasis is on the chase! Teams don't get points for being the first team to complete the team building activity, so teams can take it at their own pace. Instead, they earn points by how well they complete the physical, mental and creative tasks they face along the way.

As participants arrive for this team building activity, they are handed a form of team identification so they can easily find the other members of their team. There, each team receives their Amazing Chase rulebook, which outlines where to find challenge locations and what it is they have to do at each. In this team building activity, challenges are designed to put the spotlight on what is in the event area and could include:

Physical Challenges
Teams may have to use a three-man slingshot to launch "ammo" towards their teammates to see how many they can catch in their target in the time allowed, pull a certain number of blocks from a wooden tower without it toppling, or balance blocks on their head as they complete a mini obstacle course relay.

Mental Challenges
Teams get puzzles they can complete as they make their way between challenge locations and clues they can only solve using elements in a specific challenge location.

Creative Challenges
How many company-related words can a team make by organizing, Scrabble-style, lettered Ping Pong balls? Can they guess the flavors of seven different jellybeans?

Teams must meet at a set time for the Amazing Chase finale. If they don't get there on time they lose so many points, it will be impossible to win the team building activity! During the finale, teams kick back to enjoy refreshments while the Amazing Chase crew tallies up the team's points. Then, the team building activity winners are revealed and called to the stage to collect their Amazing Chase award medals.

Note - This team building activity can easily be turned into a charitable event. Teams get a piece of information after every challenge. At the finale, this information is used to solve a final clue that unlocks cases containing donations for a charity.

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