ArCANtecture — Corporate Charity Team Building

Your parents always told you that the right food choices would help you build a better body. And, this couldn't be truer during this event, which finds teams choosing the right packages of food to build a better body for their team sculpture.

As teams arrive at their worksite, they receive a colored bandanna to help them find their fellow workers. Each crew makes their way to their team table, where packages of canned food await them. For instance, one team may get cans of Chef Boyardee and Campbell Soup to use as the base of their project. Will they choose to create a giant Elmo? A red devil? The choice is theirs! Or, teams may be directed to create sculptures representing a specific theme or corporate tagline.

After the foreman runs down the worksite rules with the group, he gives each their paycheck - coins they can spend in the store to buy different colored or shaped packages of food and other decorating items to add variance to their sculptures. Decorations may include cardboard, balloons, pipe cleaners, construction paper, colored tape, aluminum foil, etc. As teams collaborate on and build their sculptures, music plays in the background. In addition to building the sculpture, teams must also create a presentation board to introduce and explain their arCANtectural design to all other teams at a time the foreman designates for project completion.

Either a group of inspectors can survey all sculptures, or participants themselves can vote for their favorite sculpture. The only hitch is, they can't vote for their own. Once the votes are tallied, the Beets All Others Award is presented to the team with the best sculpture.

The event ends with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, where a charity spokesperson accepts the food and opens his or her heart to the group, giving them thanks for their donation.

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