Blankies and Bears — Corporate Charity Team Building

Guests are invited to join a team table where they'll work together throughout the activity. Each table will make several soft, colorful fleece blankets that will soon help a child feel cozy and warm and adorable teddy bears just waiting be held in the arms of a loving child. Each team will visit various stations around the room, to pick up the materials they'll need to assemble these no-sew items including:

  • One teddy bear per person. To make the bears, guests select their bear skin and then finish it off with stuffing, which gets zipped into the back of the bear.
  • One fleece blanket per person. To make the blankets guests cut two pieces of fabric - one patterned and one plain. After laying one piece over the other, they cut out a notch on each corner and then cut fringe around the outsides. Finally, they knot the fringe together to create the blanket.
  • One note card per person. Guests write a message on a note card, imprinted with a company logo, to accompany their bear and blanket. This can be a letter of encouragement to the parents receiving the gifts, or a sweet message for the child.

To inspire the guests, the event kicks-off or ends with teams learning how their actions helped others. A representative from the charity receiving the items is invited to come to the stage and share stories about their organization and the children who will use the blankets and bears.

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