Building Futures — Team Building Event

When you think of the word "homeless," what image comes to mind? Do you think about:

  • A single mother of four trying to make it in a new city?
  • A senior citizen with a disability and no support system?
  • A family hit hard by the economic downturn?
  • A young woman fleeing an abusive relationship?

These are real families and individuals who have faced homelessness in Central Florida. An increasing amount of people in our community need help as they struggle to rebuild their lives. Here is your chance to make a difference and help these people as they work to build a better future for their families.

As guests arrive to the event location they are handed a number. This number determines what table they should go to and who they will be working with during the Building Futures activity. At each table, guests will find two pieces of furniture. For example, one group may have a nightstand and a dresser; one group may have a bookshelf and a chair. In addition to the furniture, all groups will also have three teddy bears to stuff for those team members who may be less comfortable with putting together furniture.

In the room will be signage with information about the charity or charities who will be receiving the donated items. A representative of the charity will also be on hand to thank the group and talk about how what they are doing today will help the families that will receive the items. All teams will have note cards and pens at their table if they wish to write a note of encouragement to the recipients of the donated items.

Guests leave the event with a feeling of accomplishment and a warm heart knowing that what they and their colleagues did in a couple of hours will be helpful for struggling families for years to come.

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