Camp it Up — Team Building Event

Ah, summer camp… The fun. The friendships. Finessing new skills. Wouldn’t you like to create that kind of bonding experience for your team? With Camp It Up, you can!

The Lead Counselor welcomes the groups and hands out schedules. Groups can take part in any of the activities listed on the schedule. The more activities they take part in and the better they do in each, the more points they earn for their group. Sample activities include:

Physical Activities
  • S’More Stacking – Groups see how high they can stack graham crackers and marshmallows without it toppling over.
  • Leaky Bucket – Groups must carry water to their empty water basin and fill it to a specific point. But, the only tools they have to carry the water are sponges and leaky vessels!
Anything But “Bored” Games:
  • The Perfect Match – One teammate must flip over stones to see what color is on the flip side. If two matching colors are turned over, the stones are removed. If not, they are flipped back over and the teammate must try again to find a match.
  • Rations – Wooden letter beads are hidden in a bucket of sand. Groups must pull out 10 and then use only those letters make as many company-themed words as possible in the time allowed.
Survival Skills:
  • Friend or Foe – Groups view a board depicting items found in the wild. They must determine which five are safe and which five are not. Is the snake pictured poisonous? What about that berry?
  • Tent Differences – Groups walk into a tent and have one minute to view how the survival gear is laid out. They then walk into a second tent, where they have one minute to spot as many differences as they can between how the gear there is laid out and the gear in the original tent.
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