CARE PACKAGES — Corporate Charity Team Building

Your organization can make a difference in just an hour or two. In this small amount of time your group can prepare care packages for soldiers, seniors, or children in need. We'll help you to choose a deserving local charity that will benefit from your generosity. We will organize this heartwarming activity for you including purchasing all supplies, staffing during the activity and delivery of the care packages to the benefitting organization. Choose from the options below or contact us to customize this program to fit your organizations goals.

Children's Snack Packages may include juice boxes, crackers, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. Seniors Birthday Gift Bags may include pens and pencils, puzzles, decks of cards, puzzle books, craft items, etc. And Military Care Packages may include items such as wet wipes, chapstick, personal hygiene items, snacks, etc.

In each program, in addition to stuffing care packages, participants get opportunities to win prizes for the recipients of the care packages. At various times throughout the assembly process, people are asked to come to the front of the room to compete in contests. For instance, teams may have to compete in our Tower of Cards Challenge. Teammates must work together to build the tallest tower using the decks of playing cards provided. The team that builds the highest tower without it falling wins a different type of card - a phone card to stuff into their service men and women's care packages!

Finally, to further show the recipients that you care, note cards are provided so participants can write them a personal message. This is every bit as important as the care package itself, as contact from a person who cares is invaluable.

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