Chariots Afire — Team Building Activity

These sweet chariots may swing low, but spirits are sure to be high! Teams build chariots to carry them home across the finish line of an obstacle-filled racecourse.

To commence this team building activity, participants enter “the stadium” to much fanfare with music blaring, flags waving and battalion colors being passed out to help them identify their teams. After a brief overview, chariot-racing rules are passed out and teams are escorted to their chariots.

In Roman times, the more ornate a centurion’s chariot, the more respected his abilities were. That also stands true in this team building activity. So, teams receive coins they can use to purchase items they need to adorn and improve their chariot, rider and “horses.” Horsepower is provided by the team members.

All chariots must be ready for inspection by a set time. Before making their way to the race-course, each battalion presents their battle cry, trying to earn favor...and a few extra points!

Then for the next step in the team building activity, battalions saddle up their horses, riders climb aboard their chariots and horses pull riders and their chariots around various obstacles. Everyone on the battalion participates in the races. At different stops along the way, teammates meet their rider to compete in challenges. For instance, battalions may have to throw a certain amount of “spears” through a target before being allowed to carry on with the race, which is stopwatch-timed.

After all chariots have blazed through the course in this team building activity, those with the best time are called forward to collect award medals. Medals are also presented to the teams with the best-adorned chariot.

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