Department Store Sweep — Corporate Charity Team Building

Ever feel like you don’t have a clue about what to buy for someone? In this event, your guests won’t have that problem at all because their entire event revolves around solving clues that lead them to find items that benefit a charity!

This event kicks off at your guest’s location where they learn about the charity they’ll help and how Department Store Sweep works. Guests are placed on teams and each team receives a shopping list they can study on their way to the department store. Only, it’s not a normal shopping list that outlines what items to buy. Instead, clues hint at what items they should buy. For instance:

Clue #1

This puzzle looks ordinary, This puzzle looks ordinary,
but it contains a code., But it contains a code.
It's all about making a difference! It's all about making a difference!
Look at both images Look at both images
carefully and the item you need carefully and the item you need
to purchase will make itself to purchase will make itself
known. it is easy once known. It is easy once
you know what to look for. You know what to look for.
Good luck my friends! Good luck my friends!

Department stores have plenty of mirrors and teams must find one to solve this clue. When they hold the clue up to a mirror so they can read the text in the second column, they will see that certain letters aren’t reversed, so they stand out. These letters spell “blanket” and that is the solution to this clue and an item that teams must purchase.

Once all teams have checked out with their items, the emcee reveals the answers to the clues and the winning team. A representative from the non-profit can also be on hand to explain how much the recipients will benefit from the items just purchased and thanks the group for their kindness.

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