Escape! — Team Building Event

What started as a lighthearted corporate retreat has turned dark. Your group is being held captive in the dungeon and you must make your way from here to the roof, where a helicopter awaits to assist you with your big “Escape!” The only weapons available to you for this escape are your minds…

A different challenge awaits in each room of your escape route. It’s only by using communication and problem-solving skills that teams will be able to navigate the twists and turns along the way. At various points throughout the castle, teams will have a choice of two different routes. Which one will be the most efficient way out? What kind of challenge will it present?

Challenges are varied and not easily solved. Teams may have to race to put together a jigsaw puzzle that reveals a cryptic message. Only once teams determine the meaning of the series of symbols on the completed puzzle will they have what they need to escape the room. Another challenge has teams working on a traditional tavern puzzle that must be physically manipulated a certain way. Another clue incorporates a newspaper that is setting on each table. When teams solve the crossword puzzle in the newspaper they will have the key to decipher a secret message.

Teams can get a little help along the way. Each team will receive a passkey that serves as a “free pass” to escape one room. In addition, teams can complete up to three physical challenges that will allow them to bypass a clue or challenge that is proving too difficult for them to solve.

The first team to escape the castle wins. However, as the challenge is not meant to be easy, no team may find their way out when the time is up. If that is the case, the team who progresses the furthest through the castle is invited to the front of the room to be congratulated by all and collect their prize.

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