EVERY MINUTE COUNTS — Team Building Event

How many times have you said, This will only take a minute? Well, in this event, it better be true because that’s all the time teams have to complete the challenges they come across!

As participants arrive, they are handed a colored bandanna and asked to find their team table and meet their teammates. Once assembled, the emcee welcomes the group and leads the teams through a quick and fun exercise that has each team choosing a team captain.

Teams rotate through a series of challenge stations where they attempt to score the highest in minute-long challenges that may include:

  • Transporting a ping pong ball across an extended tape measure into shot glasses placed at varying distances
  • Bouncing a pencil into a pint glass by bouncing the eraser on the table
  • Getting a certain number of gumballs to come to a rest on a designated spot on a tennis racquet held between the legs
  • Stacking dice on the end of a popsicle stick held in the mouth
  • Stacking blocks on a plate balanced on the head
  • Flipping a cup of the edge of a table so that it lands on top of a soda bottle
  • Moving pieces of pasta from one place to another by picking it up with a spaghetti noodle held in the mouth
  • Catching an ever-increasing number of pencils on the backs of teammates hand

At the end of the event, the team with the most points overall is revealed and called to the stage to collect their award medals.

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