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Looking for a corporate team building activity that is versatile enough to take place indoors or out, can happen in conjunction with a food and beverage function, and can incorporate your company or training information? The Wildly Different Game Show is the corporate team building activity for you! Teams get their game on in this high-energy game show. Unlike most TV game shows where only one person competes at a time, everyone participates in this game show that includes:

  • Trivia Challenges - This corporate team building activity includes general trivia, questions about your company, or a mix of the two - you pick the theme! And, in Fact or Fiction, people must determine if the statement read aloud such as, Can tarantulas really survive for up to two years without food? is true. Alarmingly, this is a fact!
  • Music Challenges - Name That Tune, Name The Movie Theme Song and What's The Next Line to popular songs are carefully chosen to highlight your company or meeting theme, or kept generic throughout the corporate team building activity. And, in the Humdinger Challenge, different people come to the stage, listen to a song through headphones and must hum the song to all the teams to help them identify it!
  • Physical Challenges - This fun corporate team building activity incorporates physical challenges too! For instance, the first team to put together a jigsaw puzzle wins bonus points for their team. Or, guests may have to bounce balloons around in the air while music plays. When the music stops, each guest grabs one balloon. Teams aren't told until they are holding their balloon which color balloon is worth how many points for their team.
  • Just a Minute Challenges - Teams race against the clock in these challenges that are interspersed throughout this corporate team building activity! For instance, they may have a minute to build the tallest tower that they can using playing cards. Or, they may have to stack three golf balls one on top of another and every team that does so in a minute wins bonus points for their team. Multiple minute-long challenges can be interspersed throughout the game show to energize teams!

Teams earn points based on how well they perform in each challenge during this corporate team building activity. The team that ends up with the most points is called to the stage and all of the players on that team receive a prize!

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