Get In Gear — Corporate Charity Team Building

Remember how excited you were when you got your first bicycle? That’s the joy your group can give to kids who have dreamed of owning their own bicycle, but thought that’s all it ever could be...a dream.

Your group will feel this excitement too! There’s a festive air at the event. Music plays, flags fly and shiny new bicycles await assembly. Each participant receives a form of team identification that helps them find their team table and the rest of their teammates. Once there, the emcee introduces the event and teams learn about the tasks ahead of them.

Teams are eager to assemble the bicycles...but first they must earn them! Guests participate in fun activities to earn coins. Activities are a combination of physical and mental games. With the coins earned, teams can purchase their bicycle, tools, a helmet, a lock and a variety of decorating supplies for their bicycle. The more coins each team earns, the more elaborately they can decorate their bike. Items they can choose from include streamers, balloons, playing cards, construction paper, masking tape and poster paper to create a team placard. Prior to decoration, each bicycle is inspected by one of our bicycle mechanics for approval. It may be wrenching, but if it doesn’t meet up to specifications, teams are sent back to make adjustments.

By a set time, all teams put their bikes on display to be judged for creativity. The team with the best-decorated bicycle, as voted on by group VIPs, wins award medals.

Finally, the Spokes person for the non-profit receiving the bicycles closes the event, thanking participants and giving them a snapshot of how it is these bicycles will help the children.

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