THE GREAT RACE — Team Building Event

In this fun-filled team building activity, each team receives a digital camera and The Great Race rulebook, which outlines the challenges they'll have to complete during the event. Challenges are designed to allow teams to enjoy the event area and could include:

These are a series of clues in this team building activity that teams must solve, so they can find the locations where they must take team pictures. For instance, a clue may read, Find a place where you can go for this. It's number 20 of 26. Clever teams will figure out there are 26 letters of the alphabet and the 20th is T. So, teams must go somewhere, such as a coffee shop, where they can drink a cup of tea to take their picture.

Fast Forwards
These are challenging tasks that, if completed, help the team jump ahead of the competition because they're worth big points. For instance, can the team find pennies with dates from each of the past 10 years?

In this team building activity, teams are given an either/or challenge. For instance, will they choose to capture a photo showing all but one on their team simultaneously blowing a bubble with bubblegum? Or, will they choose to create a list of 20 things that pop?

These are tasks that only one person on each team has to complete on video, but they must determine who that person will be before discovering what it is they have to do! Hints such as, Cookie monster are provided. Tension mounts as the teammate waits and wonders if they'll have to eat a package of cookie dough (no), jump out of a trash can to surprise a stranger (no), or move a cookie from their forehead into their mouth just using their facial muscles (yes)! This team building activity is full of surprises!

These are challenges teams must do with another team. Teams can only do one intersection with the same team, so they must find different teams to do each challenge with. For instance, teams must arrange to meet up and take a photo of both teams in a Rockette-style kick line!

Teams must meet at a set time for The Great Race finale. If they don't get there on time they lose so many points, it will be impossible to win (not so great)! During the finale, teams kick back to enjoy refreshments while The Great Race staff tallies up the team's points. Then, the winners are revealed and called forward to collect their award medals.

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