Icing on the Cake — Team Building Event

If your team has a zest for a creative culinary competition, then The Icing On The Cake is the perfect activity any way you slice it!

The jam-packed schedule of events kicks off with participants receiving a number that tells them what team table they need to make their way to. There they will meet the other members of their team and find disposable chef’s hats and aprons. Once teams are assembled the emcee explains the different tiers of the event.

Teams must:

  • Top all other teams by decorating a cake. A theme for cake decorating can be whipped up, or you can allow teams to rise to the occasion and come up with their own theme. Each team receives your choice of either half a sheet cake or two Rice Krispie Treat Sheets, which can more easily be morphed into shapes than cake. Teams can also visit “the pantry” where they can select from a number of cutting tools and decorating materials such as frosting, piping, sprinkles, candies, etc.

  • Add on an extra layer of theming by decorating their chef’s hats with the markers provided. They can sprinkle on random designs or heat things up by creating a theme that ties in with their cake.

  • Ice the competition by cooking up a presentation for their cake. Will they do a commercial? Ask the emcee for background music such as Cherry Bomb or a song by Cake?

Next, it’s time to see if what’s served up is to the rest of the group’s taste or not! The participants themselves get to vote for their favorite cake. And, there’s no sugar-coating this – they simply can’t vote for their own team! Numbered ballots are provided to ensure this does not happen. For instance, if a vote for Team #1 comes in on a #1 ballot, it is thrown out. Alternatively, a group of VIPs, or the emcee can determine which team takes the cake!

This is one delicious event that’s a slice of heaven!

Wild Harry

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