iTech Trek — Team Building Event

Teams utilize iPads and a custom app for a team experience that has them exploring the event area, completing challenges and playing games as they compete to outscore all other teams.

Teams discover that an iPad is all they need to navigate the adventures they will encounter over the next couple of hours. After a brief explanation on how the custom app works, the emcee gives teams a special password that allows them to iNitiate the challenge!

The app contains directions, in-app games and multiple challenges. These challenges are clever and may involve video, photographs, and/or puzzles. Some may even involve props or other items you must retrieve in order to complete the challenge. For instance teams may have to:

  • Take a team photo incorporating a certain location or item. Before the app allows teams to take the photo they must first solve a puzzle. For instance, the opening screen to this challenge may say “You must include something in your team photo but what is it you say? The key is to look back over your accomplishments – they will show you the way.” Under this clue teams see the following:


    Clever teams will realize that when they ignore the breaks and read the top line backwards, which is over the words “your accomplishments”, it spells out “include some form of water.” Teams must submit the word “water” into the iPad before the camera function will be available and teams must incorporate some form of water in their team photo.

  • Take a team photo to fit the caption. These captions can be themed to the event area or to your company or meeting theme.

  • Record a short video of the team completing a task. The task may be generic or customized to your company or meeting. For instance, a generic challenge may find one teammate tasked with completing a physical challenge, such as moving a cookie from his or her forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. Can they accomplish this in under one minute?

  • Listen to audio of a conversation. Can the team recognize all of the different movies quoted during the conversation?

  • Test their speed in in-app games as they attempt to free a block with their logo on it from a box by sliding other blocks out of the way or clearing a screen by flipping over cards and searching for their matches.

For additional personalization, your company or meeting logo can be displayed on multiple screens for maximum visibility throughout the app.

The event ends with all teams meeting back at a set location and time where the winning team is revealed. Award medals are bestowed upon each member of the winning team, but all participants walk away with a smile after this iNnovative team activity.

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