King Pins — Team Building Event

This event is the perfect accompaniment to a sports-themed night out. Everyone can bowl. Of course, not everyone can bowl well. But, that doesn’t matter in these bowling challenges because these games are right up everyone’s alley!

Guests receive a color-coded bandana. Once they find their team, they “split” for their lane and bowl two different games. The first game is Pyramid Bowling. Teams mark off boxes on a pyramid. Inside each box are scores ranging from 1 to 10. So, even if a bowler rolls a 1, they get to mark off a box with a 1 in it. The object of the game is to mark off all of the boxes on the pyramid. So, if you roll a 10 and there are no more boxes with a 10 left unmarked, you’ve actually hurt your team instead of helped them!

The next game consists of a different wacky bowling challenge for each frame. For instance, participants may have to bowl with their left hand, if they are right-handed in one frame. In another frame, they may have to face backwards when throwing the ball.

At the end of the event, team scores are tallied up. The participants on the team that scored the most points in each game are crowned the KingPins and receive a bowling trophy fit for royalty.

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