Marvelous — Team Building Event

This is the perfect event if you are trying to get your group to use their creative “powers” to deliver results that will overcome the evils their company faces and / or battle their arch rival competitors.

From the moment your group enters the room to the tune of REM’s Superman, they know they are in for a marvelous time! Each guest receives a team color. Then, their mission is revealed – to create a comic book in which they overcome a challenge facing their company.

Teams must randomly select a superhero bag. Inside are details on the superhero, arch villain and scenario they must highlight in their comic book. All of the superheroes, villains and scenarios are customized for your group. So, an HR Team may have to create a comic book about the adventures of The Actuary vs. Spend-a-lot in the struggle over retirement funds. Another may focus on Rx-Man, who must use his powers of transparency to transform the evil Ben. E. Phitts’ plan.

Then, each team receives their materials and gets to work on their comic book. Materials include:

  • A Marvelous Guidebook, which outlines dos and don’ts for comic books. For instance, teams are limited in how many panels they can feature in their comic book and the comic book must address certain storylines.

  • A digital camera and photo printer to take and print out photos to illustrate their comic book.

  • A three-panel display board to mount the storyboard panels they create for their comic book.

  • Coins to purchase items from the Superhero Supply Depot that sells materials such as capes, fabric, streamers, balloons, pipe cleaners and masks to create super hero and arch villain costumes teammates can wear to enhance new photos for their comic book.

At a set time, each team presents their comic book. Then, it’s time for the judging, which can either be conducted by a panel of VIP judges from the company, or the participants themselves. After a brief break, the votes are tallied. Then, the winners are revealed and called forward to receive their award medals for the best comic book.

One thing is for sure; your group will have a marvelous time during this event and learn a lot about becoming super heroes in their company’s eyes.

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