Outdoor Rescue Adventure — Team Building Event

This event combines the fun of an outdoor eco-challenge with the engaging learning of a team building activity. What makes it so invigorating is this is the real deal - the scenario your group is about to face actually happened. What would your group do if they faced a complex and dynamic challenge like this? You’re about to find out!

Step 1 - Incident Briefing
Your group gathers for an “Incident Briefing” to prepare for the outdoor rescue they will perform. Using energetic storytelling and vivid slides from our speaker, Jim Davidson’s, rescue experiences, attendees are drawn into a real scenario where a solo hiker is injured on a remote mountain side and needs to be rescued by your team.

Step 2 - Search & Rescue
Your group is split into teams, given a backpack and sent out to solve clues and participate in challenges. Upon completion of each, teams get to pick one rescue resource or decision card that will help them with the rescue. Teams must discuss which item is the best choice based on their plan to rescue the injured party. For instance, which should they pick - a book of matches, a lantern or a flashlight?. Clever teams notice from the picture of the mountain that the rescue area had no trees; so choosing matches to light a fire would be pointless!

Step 3 - Rescue DebriefAfter scouring completing clues and challenges, as well as developing an initial rescue plan that utilizes their chosen items, teams return to the meeting room to refine their rescue plan. From there the group enters a highly interactive session, sharing and comparing the different team plans.

After giving awards to the team that made the best selection from the rescue caches, Jim reframes the lessons learned back toward people’s workplace and personal lives.

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