Look and Locate — Team Building Event

Here’s a team building activity your team can really look forward to. In fact, they’ll be doing nothing but looking during this scavenger hunt that has them searching and experiencing all the event area has to offer!

So teams can look the part, each guest receives a bandanna as they enter the event kick-off, which serves as team identification. Next, teams receive a Look & Locate Rulebook, which outlines what they’ll need to find. Categories of items include:

  • Look High & Low – These are items teams must bring back. But, it’s not just a straightforward list…instead; teams have to work to collect them. For instance, can they find 10 pennies that are in sequential date order?
  • Take a Hard Look – In this section, teams view photographs of items that have been taken at extreme close-up. Once they figure out what’s pictured, they must collect it or take a team photo with it.
  • Look It Up - Teams must go to a location to collect the information requested. For instance, what’s the phone number on the phone box found in the lobby? Or, which restaurant stays opened the latest in the area?
  • You’ve Got The Look – Teams capture group photographs– all but the teammate taking the photo must be in the shot! For instance, teams may have to pose like the (real or inanimate) animal also pictured in the photo.
  • Looks Good On Paper – Teams solve the puzzles laid out in this section. For instance, can they discover the secret phrase hidden in the word search and then do what it says?

At a set time, teams come together to look over the results. Points are tallied up and all look up to the one team that scored the highest as they are called forward to collect their award medals!

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