Rat Race — Team Building Event

From time to time, everyone gets caught up in office politics and the rat race. That’s why so many can relate to the ridiculous, but slightly realistic TV comedy, The Office. You don’t want behavior like that in your office, however! So, encourage your employees to band together while getting all of those bad behaviors out of their system by competing in The Rat Race.

As participants arrive they receive their corporate ID, which tells them which “department” they’ll be playing on. They report for duty, determine a departmental team leader in a fun exercise, and then set out to climb the ladder of success by taking part in a series of assignments. Assignments may include:

Brainstorm Blitz - Go around in circles, jump to attention and knock around some good ideas with a funny tool in this three-part obstacle course.

Blowing Hot Air - Teammates take turns blowing bubbles along the lane line, so they pass through a Hula Hoop held aloft by one of their teammates.

Business Jargon - One participant from each team rushes to bounce Ping Pong balls with letters on them back to their team. The team then uses these to form interlocking company jargon, Scrabble-style.

Caffeine Crazed - Teams race to fill the coffeepot using leaky coffee cups.

Jumping Through Hoops - Teammates join hands. Linked, they must all wiggle through a hoop, getting it from one end of the line to the other and back again without breaking apart.

Kissing Up To The Boss - Teammates launch lips at the departmental team leader who catches them in a container that rests on his or her rear.

Office Fridge - Participants take turns eating a treat out of the refrigerator. Some treats are tasty, some are nasty – time doesn’t stop until all of the treats are gone.

Open The Briefcase - Teams must find the hidden numbers in blocks of text to get the three-digit code that unlocks the briefcase. For instance, the number 5 can be found in this block of text - “If I’ve learned anything from our company, it’s to respect others.”

Thinking Cap - One teammate dons a thinking cap, which is then covered in shaving cream. Teammates toss items onto the cap from a distance to see how many stick to the cap in the time allotted.

Walking A Fine Line - Partners coordinate their movements as they walk together on team boards.

In between assignments, teams have time to work on a 30-second presentation they will give to the board of directors at the end of the event. The object is to pitch why their team, above all others, should receive a raise that will be added onto their performance scores from the games.

Teams’ workday wraps up as they learn which department will be promoted to first place based on their overall scores. Participants come forward to receive the awards they can proudly display in their office to prove they have what it takes to survive The Rat Race.

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