Retro Recess — Team Building Event

Recess - the sweetest word in the English language when you’re a kid! Rekindle this flame of excitement in your guests by hosting Retro Recess as a break from meetings.

As guests make their way to the playground to the tune of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out, they are transported back to their youth. Brightly colored flags and bandannas, which are passed out to “pick” teams, lend a playful air. After a brief lecture by the Playground Leader to ensure students abide by playground rules, class is dismissed and teams make their way to the different games. Games may include kickball, volleyball, badminton, capture the flag, horseshoes, or wacky relay games.

The Playground Leader keeps score throughout. Finally, all good things must end. The bell rings, signifying recess is over. Assembly is called and the Playground Leader awards ribbons to the top performing team.

The games featured in this event may be retro, but there is nothing backwards about this fast-paced competition!

Wild Harry

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