Sand Blast — Team Building Event

Your guests will never build a boring sandcastle again after they’ve had buckets of fun at this sand sculpture event.

Guests flip-flop their way out to the beach where island music plays, tropical colored flags float in the breeze and plotted sections of sand are boxed off. Guests get brightly colored bandannas, which determine the sandbox they’ll be playing in later that day.

Next, teams gather as the emcee shovels a couple of sand sculpture tips their way, such as how to create the base of a sculpture using a “sand volcano.”

Armed with this knowledge, tools and a how-to book, teams are sent to their sandboxes where they are challenged to sculpt a prototype for a new invention that would blow their competition out of the water. In addition to sculpting, teams must carve out a presentation to sell the prototype harder than anything on the beach has been sold since the dawn of beachfront condos.

At a set time, teams view each team’s sculpture and listen to their presentations. Then, it’s time for the teams to rake over the sculptures to determine which one they like the best. The team receiving the most votes comes forward to pick up their Sand-sational award medals for the best sculpture!

Wild Harry

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