Spud Racer — Fun Team Building Event

In Speed Racer, the cult classic cartoon that many of us watched growing up, Speed zips along in his ultimate driving machine, Mach 5. In Spud Racer, the car is more likely to be named Mash 5, as the object of this fun team building event is to build a racecar out of fruit, vegetables and the materials provided!

This is a plum stand-alone team building event. Or, it can be used to entertain guests at a social function - they may even end up using the garnishes from their Bloody Mary to accessorize their car!

At the start of this fun team building event, participants are peared up on a team with others and get a team bandanna, rulebook and bag of materials necessary for constructing their racecar. Next, they pick which fruit and vegetables they want to use to produce a racecar that gets results. Will they design a honey of a hotrod out of a honeydew? Or, will they go for a souped-up squash? It's up to the teams to collaborate on the perfect design.

Throughout the building phase of this fun team building event, teams can test their racecar on the custom-built tracks that are sure to bring back memories of their pinewood derby days. Then, it's time for the races! The racecar driver from each team takes their place at the starting gate, the flag is waved and racecars steam down the track. If they win their heat, they go on to compete in the next round.

In the end, three categories of award medals are handed out - the Cherry Ride Award for the winning racecar, the 24-Carrot Creativity Award and; the Lemon Award to the team whose racecar was the most disastrous.

You may think that only people who are out of their gourd would participate in this fun team building event. But, it's actually one that people find very a-peel-ing and is a talking point for years to come.

Note: Produce is donated after the event to a local wildlife rescue organization.

Wild Harry

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