SurStrivor — Corporate Team Building Event

In this corporate team building event, guests are welcomed to the island and handed a bandanna, which serves as their tribal identification. After gathering together, tribes choose a tribal leader to receive the tribe's torch in a lighting ceremony where they learn their goal is to be the only tribe with their torch still lit at the end of the day...the last tribe to SurStrive.

Throughout this corporate team building event, tribes earn points in creative, physical and mental challenges. They may also lose points if selected by other tribes in voting rounds as the one they most want to see thrown off the island. The only tribe safe from losing points in each voting cycle is the one that gets immunity by winning the last challenge!

Every person on the tribe must work together to earn points in the challenges throughout the corporate team building event. How many and which challenges to choose is based on location, number of participants and length of the corporate team building event and may include:

  • Fire Ant March - Members of the tribe pair up, hop on special boards and walk in tandem across a field infested with fire ants.
  • Flying Fish - Tribes catch fish shot out of three-man slingshots by their fellow tribesmen in fishing nets.
  • Food Factor - Snacks are prepared for each tribe…some are tasty, some are nasty, but all must be eaten in order to earn points!
  • Island Girl - How many fish can each tribe's Island Girl catch in her hula hip baskets?
  • Obstacle Course - A series of three hysterical-to-watch challenges that test tribes' balance and coordination.
  • Secrets - What do tribes know about one another? It's time to find out! Did Jim really hike around Europe? Has Karen truly jumped out of an airplane? Tribes must match the secret to the correct tribesman in order to win points.
  • Target Practice - Tribes see how many spears they can get through a target.
  • Tribal Unity - The tribe links together to pass a ring from one person to the next…without using their hands.

At the end of this corporate team building event, tribal torches are extinguished one by one to reveal which tribe collected the most points, making them the true SurStrivors. Although only one tribe collects a prize, all are able to strive at work based on the bonds they formed during the corporate team building event.

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