Survival of the Fittest — Team Building Event

As participants arrive, they receive a bib number to serve as team identification, so they can easily find the other members of their team. Next, it’s time for the emcee to get the group to warm up to the fitness-related challenges they’ll face during this event. Some challenges are physical and teams get points for each person on their team who completes them. Moderations are outlined at physical challenges to cater to varying fitness levels. Sample physical challenges include:

  • Zumba – Teammates learn and perform a quick routine for points.
  • Rings Run – Teammates won’t get “tire”d out as they run through a pattern of floor rings.
  • Fitness Obstacle Course – A series of three moves - high knee runs to the tunnel crawl, followed by walking lunges to the end of the course.
  • Wall Sit – Teammates who haven’t hit the wall yet, get points for “sitting” for one minute.
  • Over the Head Tricep Pass – Teammates line up, passing a weighted ball over their head to the next person in line, until it makes it all the way down the line.
  • Other challenges favor brains over brawn, so teammates who prefer to sit out a physical challenge can still do some heavy lifting for the team! A handout with fitness-related puzzles is given to each team. All solutions, which are fitness-related, are recorded on an answer sheet and handed in at the end of the event. Teams get points for each one they get correct. For instance, one puzzle may read:

Push-ups will help you strengthen your chest muscles…they also come in handy when trying to solve this clue:

Solution: If teams “push up” each line of text it reads, “The solution is marathon run.”

Teams must meet at a set time to see which team collected the most points and earned the title of “the fittest” with regards to points! The winners race forward to collect their award medals. But, whether teams go home with a medal or not, this is one event that will surely make a high impact on them!

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