The Accomplished — Team Building Event

The Accomplished is inspired by the television show The Apprentice Where individuals are put on teams and expected to work together as they compete in a series of business-related projects attempting to impress the boss and avoid being fired. The difference is, In The Accomplished, competitors earn kudos from their teammates as they all work together not to avoid being fired but to be hired.

Project One

In Project One, teams complete a series of challenges-each related to a different area of business. Each team must select one person to be the leader for each challenge and collect the envelope containing the the information needed from "the boss." For instance, the Legal Challenge, teams receive one handout per team member with information on a crime that's been committed. If teammates work autonomously, they won't be able to figure out "who dunnit." Its only by communicating with one another that they will be able to crack the case. Will their leader be able to inspire them to do so? The first team to crack the case wins big points and all others who complete the challenge in the time allotted win a lesser amount of points

Project Two

For Project Two , the participants are reassigned to new teams. During this time, each team has access to materials such as K'nex, construction paper,cardboard,magic markers, masking tape, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, etc. and is challenged to create a prototype for a new invention that will revolutionize their industry. In addition to creating the prototype, teams must also put together a presentation board to entice venture capitalists into backing the development of this invention.

At the end of the event, the participants on the teams that won each section of The Accomplished are called forward to receive their just rewards. In addition, the two individuals who received the most votes from their colleagues are named "Most Likely to Be Hired" and honored with a trophy.

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