The Accomplice — Team Building Event

In the television show The Apprentice, competitors earn scathing remarks from their teammates as they all try to avoid being fired. In The Accomplice, competitors earn kudos from their teammates as they all work together to be hired.

The event kicks off with participants being put onto a team. After being briefed on the event, teams receive their first project. Projects may focus on an Ad Campaign or Product Innovation. Upon completion of the project, teams present their results. Next, they vote for their favorite project. After the winning team is revealed, individuals are asked to vote for the teammate they felt was indispensable on their team.

As the votes are tallied, participants take a break. When they return, they are reassigned to a new team to compete in a series of small challenges. Each team must select one person to be the leader for each challenge and collect the envelope containing the information needed from “the boss.” For instance, teams may have to:

  • Work together to find the hidden numbers in a block of text about their company such as, “If I’ve discovered one thing about our company…” The first team to find all of the hidden numbers and follow the directions included with this text will reveal a combination that unlocks a briefcase containing points for their team.

  • Teams receive one handout per team member with information on a crime that’s been committed. If teammates work autonomously, they won’t be able to figure out “who dunnit.” It’s only by communicating with one another that they’ll be able to crack the case. Will their leader be able to inspire them to do so? The first team to crack the case wins big points and all others who complete the challenge in the time allotted win a lesser amount of points.

Once all challenges have been played, the winning team is revealed and once again, participants are asked to vote for the individual who contributed the most to their team’s success.

At the end of the event, the participants on the teams that won each section of The Accomplice are called front and center to receive their just rewards. In addition, the two individuals who received the most votes from their colleagues are named “Most Likely To Be Hired” and honored with a trophy.

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