THE GAMES — Team Building Event

High-energy music plays over the loudspeakers as the athletes take to the field, proudly wearing and waving their team colors. Then, the CEO comes running out to announce, Let the games begin!

How many and which games to choose is based on location, number of participants and length of event. Your event lead will advise you on which to choose from the following:

  • Baton Pass - Teammates partner up, running a relay with a giant baton in between their legs. The only hitch is, they can't use their hands to hold onto it or pass it off to the next pair!
  • Cross Country Skiing - Partners work together to coordinate their movements as they walk on team skis.
  • Discus - Soft Frisbees fly through the air as participants fling them through targets.
  • Gymnastics - A gymnastics obstacle course that incorporates balancing, twirling and for comedic effect, Rhythmic Gymnastics.
  • The Rings - Teammates join hands and try to pass through a series of rings while staying connected - hilarious twisting and turning ensues!
  • Rowing - Teams stroke across the sports field while paddling scooters across the floor.
  • Shot Put - Teams load shot into giant slingshots, trying to get them into targets held by their teammates.
  • Synchronized Swimming - Teammates dress one of their own to get him or her ready to compete in the synchronized swim competition. The swimmer dons a bathing cap, which is covered in shaving cream. Teammates toss plastic flowers onto the cap from a distance to see how many stick to the cap in the time allotted.
  • Table Tennis - A few participants from each team rush to a pile of Ping Pong balls that have letters of the alphabet written on them. Using Ping Pong paddles, they bounce the balls back to their teammates who use them to make interlocking sports-themed words, Scrabble-style.

Sports stars must work hard on their sport and on getting sponsorship. Therefore, every team is given time throughout the games to put together a sponsorship presentation. The better the team presentation, the better a team's chances at winning the gold!

As participants perform these presentations, judges tally up team points. The event culminates with a closing ceremony that sees the top team invited to the podium to receive gold award medals on red, white and blue neck ribbons.

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