THEME PARK HUNT — Fun Team Building

Theme parks are great for fun team building treasure hunts because there is so much to see and do while your group is there. Wildly Different will coordinate with the venue to ensure a successful and exciting park experience as well as a fun team building event. Hunts can be themed to the park itself as in the description below for an Around the World Showcase hunt at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

As guests enter the event kick-off location they are handed a bandanna as a form of team identification. They'll also need these to wipe off the sweat they'll work up during their whirlwind trip around the World Showcase at Epcot!

After teams gather, each receives a bag packed with a hunt book, map, and props for some clues. The hunt book details the clues and where teams need to visit in order to gather more information to solve these clues. Some clues may require teams to visit a Travel Agent located somewhere in the park to pick up additional information needed to solve the clue. For instance, during this fun team building event teams may pick up a fortune cookie from a Travel Agent stationed near the gate at China. The fortune inside the cookie reveals information that will help teams solve this clue. Also in the book is a set of mystery photos. The photos were all taken at extreme close-up, and teams must identify what is pictured in each photo to earn additional points.

For this fun team building event, clues are clever and are designed to highlight the World Showcase. For instance, the clue book contains a series of ciphers on an image of a postcard that directs them to view a plaque in the Victoria Gardens in Canada. Each of the ciphers looks like: _1, W3, L2. When teams figure out that _1 stands for Line 1 of copy on the plaque, W3 stands for Word 3 on the first line and L2 stands for Letter 2 of the third word, the letters revealed spell out, Look under stamp. When teams lift the air mail stamp on the postcard, a solution lies beneath it.

Teams are asked to regroup at a set time and location where they must turn in an answer sheet with their clue solutions. As teams enjoy refreshments, the hunt masters correct their answers to clues and mystery items. Then the team who earned the most points is revealed and the winners come forward to collect their prize!

Note: Theme park hunts require theme park tickets and some require access to a private venue that must be arranged through the theme park representatives.

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