Think Tank — Team Building Event

Like a shark, in the business world, you must constantly be moving to stay alive. What’s next? Bigger? Better? And, like the television show, Shark Tank, this activity moves your group towards answers to those questions!

As guests enter the room, they receive team identification that leads them to join a group think tank where they’ll brainstorm “the next new thing” that will propel your organization into the 22nd century. Anything goes – even if it is not possible yet. The Think Tank panel is looking for creative visionaries!

All think tanks get the same allotment for their pitch – a presentation board and an assortment of materials to build a prototype. In addition, they receive “seed money” to spend at Think Tank Central to purchase additional items they can use. They’re told that their pitch should illustrate what the “next new thing” is, how it works and how it will revolutionize their industry.

At a set time, think tanks must be ready to pitch to the group. Afterwards, it’s time for the panel to vote for their favorite. The panel can be comprised of company VIPs, or the guests themselves can be the panel. If the latter, everyone gets one vote, but they cannot vote for their own think tank and numbered ballots are provided to ensure this does not happen. So, if a #1 ballot lands in Think Tank #1’s voting bin, that vote - and another - is thrown out.

At the end of the event the votes are tallied and the participants on the winning think tank receive gold from the panel – gold award medals that is!

Think Tank – consider the advantage of getting your group to think and work together towards a better future!

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