TREASURE HUNT — Fun Team Building

Each team receives a rulebook outlining the clues and where teams need to visit in order to gather more information to solve clues throughout this fun team building activity. Teams also get a bag filled with props used to come up with solutions and a map of the hunt area.

Once teams are briefed on this fun team building activity, they set off to solve clues. Clues are clever and are designed to highlight the hunt theme. For instance, teams may receive a series of ciphers on a themed postcard that directs them to view a plaque in the event area. Each of the ciphers looks like - _1, W3, L2. When teams figure out that _1 stands for Line 1 of copy on the plaque, W3 stands for Word 3 on the first line and L2 stands for Letter 2 of the third word, the letters revealed spell out, Look under stamp. When teams lift the stamp on the postcard, a solution lies beneath it.

Teams are asked to regroup at a set time and location for the end of this fun team building activity. There are two options for how the hunt can end:

1. Teams turn in an answer sheet with their clue solutions. Teams enjoy refreshments as the hunt masters correct their answer sheets. Then the team solving the most clues correctly is revealed and the winners come to the stage to collect their prize!

2. A final clue is revealed to all teams. This clue integrates all of the solutions they already unearthed during the hunt. When it is solved, it reveals the location of the missing item in a very exciting and unusual way. The first team to find the missing item wins!

The hunt theme can be completely customized to tie into your meeting theme and event location. Or, select from one of these popular favorites:

Pirates - A treasure chest containing buried treasure has been unearthed at your event location. The pirate captain booby-trapped the chest and it can only be opened with a special key. Otherwise, the treasure inside it will be destroyed. Can yer team track down the key that will lead to the bounty?

Spies - Spies from around the world have infiltrated your location and stolen the secrets to your organization's success. It is up to your group to solve clues found all around the event area to discover what the spies have done with your company's top secrets.

Adventure - Floridiana Jones is tied up (literally) on another adventure and needs teams' help in his quest to recover a priceless artifact. Teams enjoy an archeological adventure as they seek out Professor Jones' clues. Also, this fun team building activity is a perfect way to tie in a charitable element. The treasure that teams seek is donated to a charity at the end of the event. A representative from a local charity can be on brought in to talk about how your group has helped their non-profit and to receive the donation.

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