Tropical Libation Container Creation — Team Building Event

Your guests won’t be able to contain their excitement as they unleash their creativity and go bananas trying to create the ultimate tropical drink container!

Upon arrival, guests are given a tropical-colored bandanna that “pears” them with other teammates. Then they drink in the instructions provided by the emcee, which outlines how they must:

  • Create a tropical drink container using at least one fruit and any other decorating items found at the supply depot, such as paper umbrellas, pipe cleaners, stir sticks, etc. Will they choose to make honeydew of a hurricane glass, or will they create a pineapple pint glass?

  • Come up with a peach of a presentation that includes a poster with the name of their creation on it. They can also choose to pour on a commercial message, or take a shot at creating a moving drink toast to introduce their container to other teams?

At a set time, teams introduce their container and presentation to see if teams will say “cheers,” or if teams will give them a raspberry. Next, each participant is given a ballot to vote for the container they think packed the biggest punch. The only hitch is, they can’t vote for their own team!

At the end of the event, the team who received the most votes gets their bottoms up – along with the rest of their bodies – to the stage where they receive award medals and are toasted by all.

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