With Flying Colors — Team Building Event

When someone passes a test with flying colors, it means they’ve truly made their mark. And, that’s definitely true in this event because teams must excel at a challenge before they’re marked with an explosion of color. The more colors they collect on their shirts, the easier it will be to complete the final challenge at the end of the event!

As participants arrive, they receive a plain white T-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a colored bandanna, which is their team color. Next, the emcee kicks off the event, explaining the colorful array of activities teams will face. This is not a color run – that is an event of a different color! The only things running in this event are the colors on participants’ shirts. There’s no need to race from location to location, making it ideal for all participants, regardless of physical ability.

In order to become marked men and women, teams must visit the challenge locations outlined in their team book. If they meet the minimum requirements – such as a time limit or number caught - as outlined in their book, they are sprayed with a safe solution of dyed cornstarch out of spray bottles. If they don’t meet the requirements, they’re free to try again. For instance, teams may have to face:

  • The Rings Challenge – Instead of running the rings, teammates link hands and try to pass five rings from one person to another without unlinking hands.
  • Apple A Day Challenge – Teams toss fake apples into bushel baskets.
  • Giant Slingshot Challenge – Two teammates hold a giant slingshot. Two teammates hold a beach towel. The rest of the team takes turns slingshotting balls towards the two teammates holding the towel which is used to catch the balls.
  • Baton Pass – Teammates partner up, running a relay with a giant baton in between their legs. The only hitch is, they can’t use their hands to hold onto it or pass it off to the next pair!
  • Obstacle Course – A three-part obstacle course that finds teams jogging through rings, Hula-Hooping and using hip action to propel a ball on the ground from Point A to Point B using a colorful piece of equipment tied around their waist.
  • Boot, Scoot & Boogie – Teammates take turns navigating through cones while riding a floor scooter.
  • Frisbee Fling – Soft Frisbees fly through the air as participants fling them through targets.
  • Pigskin Pile-Up – Teammates take turns running to a pile of footballs, each of which is numbered. The first teammate must find the number 1 ball and run it back. The next teammate must find the number 2 ball and run it back, etc.

Teams meet back at a set time where they find an array of colorful envelopes spread out. If they have the color on their shirts, they are allowed to pick up that color envelope. If they don’t, they’ll find it challenging to complete their final task, but not impossible! Envelopes remain sealed until the emcee makes the announcement. At that time, teams rush to put the puzzle pieces found in each envelope together. The completed puzzle forms a rebus picture that relates to your company. For instance, want your team to be more creative? The puzzle may look like this: THINK o. The first team to shout out the solution – in this instance, it’s “think outside the box” - is the winner and they’re invited to come forward to get award medals on brightly-colored award ribbons.

With Flying Colors – this is one event that will challenge your team to work together in order to show their true colors!

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