You've Got Game — Team Building Event

Remember how much fun you had as a kid playing board games with your buddies? This event brings those feeling back to you!

As guests arrive they receive a bandanna, which serves as team identification. Some games are played as teams. Others are played as individuals, but winners still earn points for their team. Games may include:

  • BINGO –Normal, crazy and wild BINGO patterns are interspersed. Teams get points for each person on their team that wins.
  • Dictionary – Obscure words such as “Logolepsy” flash on the screen. Each team writes a definition for each word. At the end of the game, all descriptions are posted. Is logolepsy a fear of logos? Or, is it an obsession with words? Guests get to vote for what they think is the correct description. Teams earn 5 points for voting for the correct description and 1 point for each vote their false description earned.
  • Lego Sculptures – Teams sculpt a new icon for their company out of the Legos provided. Guests vote for their favorite – they cannot vote for their own. Teams win points for each vote.
  • Puzzles – The team that puts their puzzle together the fastest wins points.
  • Card Stacking – The team with the highest playing card tower wins points.
  • Boggle – Teams win points for every word they can find in the Boggle letters shown on the screen.
  • Xplosion – Can teams answer the question asked before the timer goes off?

When the fun and games are over, the winning team is called to the stage to accept their award medals for a game well played!

Wild Harry

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