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We’re born in the USA, but the wheels on our suitcases have touched down in Mexico, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Canada, Europe…and there’s plenty of room in our passports for more! We travel light, which makes us affordable, but we are not lightweights when it comes to organizing an amazing team building activity abroad! So, book us for your next team building activity and you’ll be flying high!

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Custom events start at $2500.

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Unlike that other famous rabbit, our mascot Wild Harry never wonders if he should have taken the left turn at Albuquerque. We easily find our way around and make ourselves at home wherever your event takes place! We bring 1-2 event leads from our home office and use local resources for the rest, so we’re competitively priced compared to regional team building companies. And, our clients who host events in multiple locations, find it helps them to deal with only one team building company - one they can depend on to consistently “hop” to it and do a quality job time after time.

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