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July 27, 2012

Published by Lisa Jennings

A Picnic-Me-Up

"One of the nice things about the Senior Tour is that we can take a cart and cooler.  If your game is not going well, you can always have a picnic."
- Lee Trevino

August is National Picnic Month!  “Pick” from these ideas and get ready to have baskets of fun with...

...Your Customers

During National Picnic Month, tell customers that if they spend “bread” on two purchases, they’ll get a “meaty” offer to go along with it, such as a freebie or discount.  And, you’ll enter them into a drawing for a gourmet picnic basket.

...Your Employees

Ask employees to bring in food items to put in picnic baskets that will be donated to charity.  For each item an employee brings in, they get to initial a square on a plastic red and white checkered picnic cloth hanging up in your company.  If you have a large number of employees, or items brought in, hang several cloths.  Pre-determine which square(s) on the picnic cloth are winning squares, by placing a small mark on the back of the square(s), or on a matching grid stored someplace else.  At the end of the food drive, reveal which employees have won the picnic-themed prizes.

...Your Friends & Family

Ask your guests to identify and record on an answer sheet the “ants” they spot at the picnic.  Print a different number and hint on a name badge you give each guest as they enter the party.  For instance:

1. A great quantity:Abund-ant
2. Speeds things up:Acceler-ant
3. Floats:Buoy-ant
4. All-knowing:Clairvoy-ant
5. Fancy:Eleg-ant
6. Doesn’t matter:Irrelev-ant

Conduct an online search for “words that end in ant” to get additional ideas for hints to use for the game.  Award a picnic-themed prize to the person who identifies the most correctly on their answer sheet by a set time.

Looking for an idea for an activity that your guests will eat up at your next picnic?  Click on the “free hunts” tab on our sister company’s website and you can pack along an outdoor scavenger hunt list on your next foray into the great outdoors!

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