Wildly Different - Play Outside the Cubicle

August 30, 2012

Published by Lisa Jennings


“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”
- Czech proverb

It’s time to celebrate Oktoberfest!  So, raise your glass and add a little zest to the lives of...

...Your Customers

Send a message out to your customers telling them you can’t “beer” to be without them during Oktoberfest.  If they make a purchase during September 22nd - October 7th, they’ll be entered into a drawing for an Oktoberfest-themed prize.

...Your Employees

Oktoberfest is declared officially open when the mayor of Munich taps a barrel of beer and pronounces, “It’s tapped!”  Tell your employees you want to tap into their great ideas during Oktoberfest.  Any employee sharing an idea that is implemented to make the company better during the two-week period receives a gift certificate to their favorite place to drink beer - or root beer if they are a tea totaller!

...Your Friends & Family

Invite family and friends to compete in the beer barrel polka hunt.  Send guests a large cutout that resembles a polka dot, which has the name of the hunt kick-off location on it.  At the hunt kick-off, place guests on teams.  Then tell them the object of the hunt is to find the polka dots at each location.  Printed on each polka dot is the location where they can find the next polka dot and the type of picture they have to take at that location.  For instance, guests may be asked to create a human pretzel, or pose with a tray of beer mugs.  The last polka dot tells them the location of the beer barrel...and the party!  To enter the party, guests must show that they collected all of the pictures required.

The day before Oktoberfest is Miniature Golf Day!  If you want to have a “hole” lot of fun on this holiday, consider putt-ering over to our website to purchase the Going For The Green mini-golf team activity!

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