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December 12, 2012

Published by Lisa Jennings

Souped Up

“Good manners:  The noise you don’t make when you’re eating soup.”
- Bennett Cerf

January is National Soup Month.  To celebrate, here are some piping hot ideas you can serve up to...

...Your Customers

Mail or drop off a package of instant soup to your customers with a note attached that reads, “January is National Soup Month and if you need us this January, we’ll be there for you in an instant!”  Alternatively, photocopy a design of a soup can that has your name on it and ask customers to decorate it a la Andy Warhol.  Award a soup pot filled with goodies to the person submitting the best design.

...Your Employees

Invite your team to participate in a charitable team building hunt.  Teams are told where to go to pick up ingredients that will be donated to a soup kitchen.  But when they get there, they must solve the clue that reveals the password they must give in exchange for the ingredients.  For instance, one clue may read, “I always leave tomatoes out of my alphabet soup.  And, that’s what you should do to solve this clue - CATORMRATOTOSES.”  When you take the letters that spell “tomatoes” out of the letters listed, the word “carrots” appears and when the team says that word, they are provided with carrots.  Have all teams meet up by a set time to see who collected the most ingredients and go over the answers to the clues while the group enjoys a hearty bowl of soup.

...Your Friends & Family

Have your friends and family over for a soup cook-off event.  Place guests on teams and give each team a workstation complete with cooking utensils and a small staple of ingredients.  Next, have teams “noodle” over some food-themed trivia questions such as, “For every dollar you spend at the supermarket, how much goes to the farmer who grew the produce - a) 5 cents, b) 10 cents or c) 15 cents?”  Teams that get the answer correct - 5 cents - get to pick up an additional staple for their soup recipe.  Once all questions have been asked and all soups are complete, allow everyone to taste and then vote for their favorite soup.  Award a prize to the team getting the most votes.

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