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February 22, 2013

Published by Lisa Jennings

Whatcha Mean Jelly Bean?

Whenever they say it can’t be done, remind them that they make a jelly bean that tastes exactly like popcorn.”
- John Mayer

Easter is right around the corner.  Time to hop to it and treat...

...Your Customers

As clients make a purchase, invite them to blindly choose a jellybean out of a container.  The color they choose relates to the discount they receive.  For instance, yellow jelly beans are worth 3% off, pink are worth 4% off, black worth 5% off, etc.

...Your Employees

Invite your team to an Easter potluck, during which they’ll find out more about their fellow “peeps.”  As employees enter the potluck, they are handed a boxed marshmallow peep.  On the bottom of the box is a label with a question on it, such as, “What is your favorite jelly bean color?”  Or, “Where was your favorite spring break vacation spot?”  Guest must trade peeps with 3 different people and each must answer the question at the bottom of the other person’s peep box.  At the end of the trading period, have employees reveal what they learned about their fellow employees.

...Your Friends & Family

Encourage guests to find a partner to challenge in the Easter-themed games placed around the room at your get-together.   Which challenger can sort the bowl of mixed jelly beans into different containers for each color the quickest?  Which can put together the cracked plastic eggs the quickest?  And, which can throw the most chocolate eggs into the Easter basket in the time allowed?  The winner of each challenge gets a raffle ticket, which is drawn at the end of the party for an Easter gift basket.

“Bean” there, done that and don’t know what to do for your Easter party? Our sister company, Masters of the Hunt, has an eggs-traordinary Easter Hunt for only $17!

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