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March 30, 2013

Published by Lisa Jennings

Bloomin' Good

“Earth laughs in flowers.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spring has sprung, so use this opportunity to brighten the day of others, especially...

...Your Customers

Deliver a single flower to your customers along with a note that reads, “I hope our relationship continues to blossom!” on one side and a survey on the other.  Award a discount to all who return the survey and conduct a prize drawing from all returned surveys for a bouquet of flowers delivered every month for a year.

...Your Employees

Host a charitable activity that finds your team going out into the community to plant flowers for those in need.  Call a non-profit facility and ask if they’d be open to your group coming out with tools, potting soil, plants, flowers, etc. to beautify their building.  You could purchase these items direct, or partner with a local nursery that would be interested in donating the plants and flowers if your team provides the muscle.

...Your Friends & Family

Invite friends and family over to decorate large flower pots with paint, sequins, beads, ribbon, buttons, etc. before filling them with a flowering plant.  Once all are decorated, ask guests to vote for their favorite flower pot and award a prize to the person who receives the most votes.  But, the real reward comes at the end, when your group gets a rosy feeling from learning that all of the flower pots are being donated to brighten the day of the elderly in a local nursing home.

Looking for the seed of a good idea to get the kids outside to experience spring in all it’s glory?  Download the free outdoor scavenger hunt available on our sister company’s website.  Alternatively, you may not want bugs on your flowers, but our Bug Hunt will certainly grow on you once you learn it’s only $17!

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