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May 31, 2013

Published by Lisa Jennings

Flip Flopping Into Summer

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are signing and the lawn mower is broken.”
- James Dent

On June 21st we’ll be flipping out of spring and flopping into summer, as we celebrate the summer solstice.  Time to brighten the day of...

...Your Customers

Send a postcard with an image of a flip flop on it to your customers with a message that your company “flips” for their customers!  Tell them that anyone who brings in a pair of flip-flops to your establishment gets a discount off your services and that all flip-flops will be donated to your choice of one of the many charitable organizations that provide shoes to those in need.

...Your Employees

Provide a plain pair of flip-flops to each employee and set up decorating supplies that they can use to embellish them in a way that reveals something about their personality.  For instance, someone who loves to fish may use paint pens to draw fish all over the flip-flops.  You can gather employees at one time, so they can decorate the flip-flops together and then vote on the most creative pair.  Or, ask employees to complete their flip-flops at their leisure and turn them in by a certain date.  When the flip-flops are turned in, assign a number to each pair, so you’ll know whose is whose (but keep it secret), and display the flip-flops alongside that number in the office.  Then, give employees an answer sheet with numbers on them and have them guess which numbered pair of flip-flops belongs to which employee.  Award a prize for the most creative pair and / or to the employee who matches the most flip-flops to the correct employee.

...Your Friends & Family

Have a summer barbecue featuring flip-flop games.  Give guests flip-flop wine glass coasters with their drinks as they enter the party.  Those with matching coasters form a team for the flip-flop games, which could include:

• Give each person on the team a pair of flip-flops and give one Ping Pong ball to the team.  The team forms a wide circle, wears the flip-flops on their hands and uses them as paddles, to hit their Ping-Pong ball from one person to another around the circle.  If the Ping Pong ball hits the ground, the team is out.  Which team can keep their Ping Pong ball up in the air the longest?

• Have teammates take turns tossing their flip-flop onto a horseshoe stake.  Award points for each one that hooks onto the stake in the time allowed.

• Have teammates put their flip-flops into a pillowcase and shake the bag up.  On go, teammates race to put on a matching pair of flip-flops.  The team that gets all of their shoes on first wins.

• Write one letter on the sole of a flip-flop, using the letters that spell out “summertime.”  Lay a set of flip-flops out for each team, sole down.  On “go,” one teammate runs to the flip-flops looking for the letter “s.”  When it’s found and flipped over, the next teammate searches for the letter “u,” etc. until the word “summertime” is spelled out.  The first team to spell the word correctly wins.

Award a summertime prize to the team earning the most points and donate all of the flip-flops to a charitable organization after the event.

Want a sizzling hot activity for your summertime party?  Consider these hunts sold on our sister company’s website - our brand new beach-treasure hunt for 8-12 year olds, or a bug hunt for 3-7 year olds.

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