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December 2013 Issue - News from the Wild Side
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No Ideas? No Sweat!

In the New Year, resolve to flex your event planning muscles with these ideas for fitness-related events that won’t overstretch your budget!


Survival of the Fittest or Building Strong Teams

Did you know that at Wildly Different we do a one-minute long plank every time we sell an event? We didn’t want to be the only ones getting stronger - we decided to pump up our team building offerings as well with a brand-new event called Survival of the Fittest. This event works out for everyone, whether they lift weights regularly or the only weight they ever pull is their own when it comes to achieving results in the workplace. That’s because teams compete in fitness challenges, some of which have moderations to cater to varying fitness levels. But, other challenges favor brains over brawn, in case some want to sit out instead of sitting up! For more information on this event, contact us.

Treat or Treat

We Can Work It Out

Jog your friends and family out of their normal routine by hosting a home fitness party! The possibilities are endless. Hire a certified instructor to lead a yoga class to de-stress after the holidays, or re-energize guests with a Zumba or belly dancing class. Put in a fitness DVD and after the workout, have everyone swap fitness DVDs from their own collection with someone else so everyone has a fresh workout to look forward to. Test your guests’ endurance in a series of contests to see who can do the most push-ups in a minute or the longest wall sit. Or, host a fun game of kickball in your backyard. Don’t forget to serve sports drinks and sparking water in unique glassware and have everyone bring a healthy snack to share.


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