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January 2014 Issue - News from the Wild Side
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From Our Tulips To Your Ears

Valentine’s Day is a heartbeat away. Celebrate with these flower-themed events and a smile is sure to bloom on the faces of your guests!


Wild Flowers

With the Rose Bowl Parade in our rearview mirror, we got inspiration to create a new charitable team building event called Flower Power. Guests are challenged to think outside the traditional box of flowers and come up with an arrangement that will brighten the day of a certain group of people. For instance, if the flowers are being donated to a children’s hospital, one team may decide to create a floral display shaped like a teddy bear, while another team may create one that looks like a train. The team displaying the most creativity wins a prize, but the real reward comes from the feeling that blossoms when teams band together to send some cheer to those in need. For more information on this event, contact us.

Treat or Treat

Fresh As A Daisy

Invite your family and friends to join you as you beautify the home of a senior citizen in your neighborhood who could use a helping hand with their garden. Don’t know anybody in your neighborhood? Reach out to a local nursing or foster care home to see if they’re open to you beautifying the outside of their facility. Ask everyone to bring their own tools and a certain amount of plants. Your local nursery may even chip in a few freebies if you tell them what you’re planning on doing. At the end of the event, give all of your guests a mystery plant pot. Tell them they sowed the seeds of love today and if they shower these seeds with the same TLC, they will grow and serve as a constant reminder of a blooming good job!

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