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February 2014 Issue - News from the Wild Side
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Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Mardi Gras is on March 4th. If you’re looking for a unique idea to get the good times rolling, we have a couple of ideas to parade past you!


Have Fun With Your Krewe

If you want to get a bead on how to engage your guests during your next networking function, this activity is perfect, whether you’re in New Orleans, or just want a Big Easy way to entertain wherever your party may be! As guests arrive at the event, they receive 12 strings of beads, all in the same color. They also get a business card holder with a card inside that explains the activity. Each guest must swap beads with other guests at the event, getting a business card from each one. Once they have 12 different colored beads and 11 business cards, they check in to prove they have completed the task. After verification, they receive a raffle ticket, which is entered into a prize drawing held at the end of the networking function. If you’d like us to throw a proposal out to you for this event, please contact us.

Treat or Treat

Finding The Bean

On Mardi Gras, if you are served the piece of King Cake that has the baby in it, it means good luck for the next year. Put a new spin on an old tradition by having your guests select a King Cupcake and decorate it using items such as frosting, sprinkles, a variety of candies, etc. When everyone’s King Cupcake is decorated, ask everyone to vote for his or her favorite one, but do not allow them to vote for their own. When the voting is complete, invite everyone to eat his or her King Cupcake. The person earning the most votes gets a prize. But, so too does the person who has the baby in their King Cupcake!


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