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March 2014 Issue - News from the Wild Side
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Once Upon A Time

April 27th is Tell A Story Day. If you want to pull your attendees into an action-packed event that they won’t put down, read on…


On The Same Page

If you want to get your group on the same page during their next team building activity, host Reading Rocks, one of our newest charitable events.
In the first chapter of this event, teams must solve a puzzle in order to earn their project materials. Projects include putting together a reading bench, stuffing and dressing two toy animals to be reading buddies, and then creating a team book cover featuring the reading buddies. In Chapter Two, teams compete in challenges to win books. For instance, once teams have already shelved some books by competing in literary trivia and solving clues, they use these books to compete in Book Bingo. The first five teams to find the items called out in the pages of the books they’ve earned win even more books! And this event ends with a happily-ever-after, as all items are donated to a charity to promote literacy. Like what you’ve read so far? Please contact us!

Treat or Treat

Cast of Characters

Before your next party, ask your guests to complete a short survey. Ask questions such as, “What’s one thing most people may not know about you?” “What’s your favorite type of vacation?” and “What’s your pet peeve?” When guests arrive, hand them a sheet that lists one answer from each of your guests, but they must guess who answered how! Instruct your guests to not reveal how they answered, so everyone must guess “who dunnit!” At the end of the night, reveal the cast of characters and award a prize to the person guessing the most correctly.


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