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May 2014 Issue - News from the Wild Side
A monthly newsletter to inspire playing outside the cubicle wherever you are.
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Puzzling Matters

If you’re puzzling over how to engage your guest’s hearts and minds, this month’s newsletter will help you piece together the perfect event…


The Great Escape

What was supposed to be a lighthearted corporate outing has turned dark. Your group has been captured and is being held in teams inside a dungeon. The race is on as each team races to escape to the roof before all others to get the few seats available on the rescue helicopter…

…this is the premise of Wildly Different’s newest event, Escape. The escape is on as each team receives the plans to the castle where they’re being held captive and a puzzle they must solve to escape from the dungeon to an adjoining room. Once they’ve conquered that puzzle, they choose which room they wish to go through next and solve the puzzle associated with it. Can’t solve a puzzle? Teams can choose another route, or use one of their “escape hatches,” such as a passkey, or physical test to gain safe passage to the next room. The first team to escape, or the one to move furthest through the castle wins. If you want to escape from the ordinary team building activity, contact us for more information about this captivating event!

Treat or Treat

Get The Message

Want to get your guests to join up with new people and out of their usual cliques at your next party? Give each guest a colored puzzle piece as they enter and ask guests to connect with those who have the same color puzzle piece. Give each team a custom puzzle to assemble (we love Up In Pieces). On your signal teams race to assemble their puzzle to reveal a secret message. As teams complete their puzzle, they’ll realize the message is anything but complete! It’s only when they put their part of the message together with all other teams’ that the pieces will literally fall into place, revealing the secret message!

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