Networking Dinner Party Activities

Our dinner parties are interactive with everyone getting involved in the action, including the guests! Here’s just a small taste of our favorite Dinner Party Activities:


As guests sit down to eat, they notice an interesting centerpiece on the table…an iPad.  The emcee quickly clears up that conundrum and then introduces many others as they explain that there are a number of clues on the iPad. Teams are given a code to unlock the clues and the fun is dished out non-stop throughout the meal!

Mix It Up – Progressive Dinner

Want to mix things up and get your guests interacting? This event is one part progressive dinner and four parts fun. That’s because four games are served up throughout this team building dinner! One is played prior to guests sitting down during cocktails. Then three are played during a progressive dinner with guests changing tables after each course/game, or if you prefer, guests could stay put at the same table. After each game, the winning table gets a raffle ticket for a prize drawing at the end of the team building dinner.

No Table Unturned

It’s no mystery – people love to guess “who dunnit!” But this isn’t your typical murder mystery! The mystery is customized for your group with clues being dropped at team tables between courses. And, the suspects turn out to be your own guests, who unknowingly are wrapped into the intrigue. Did somebody steal the company’s top secrets? Kill the competition? Steal the lollipops from the receptionist’s desk? If you can imagine it, we’ll leave no table unturned as we script a mystery that will intrigue and delight your guests

Tropical Libation Container Creation

Your guests won’t be able to contain their excitement as they unleash their creativity and go bananas trying to create the ultimate tropical drink container out of the fresh produce provided. Will they create a hurricane glass out of a honeydew? A mug out of a melon? Your guests will drink in the fun!

Dinner Party Activities Case Study

No Table Unturned

Our client wanted to turn a sit-down dinner into a way for their board members to get to know one another better – a challenge we had to stew over because they were seated at six different tables!

How it worked.
As guests began their meal, a detective ran in and gave them unappetizing information – $50,000 of their reserve fund had gone missing and they needed to help us figure out who stole the money! Tablemates worked together to solve clues that were incorporated into their meal. For instance, one clue could only be solved using the straws on their table. The group was whipped into a frenzy as they were surprised to discover the solution to each clue was an unsuspecting board member, who was grilled utilizing information poached by us before the event! Fortunately, all were found not guilty when it was discovered there was a decimal error and only 50 cents was missing from the fund!

The Results.