It's more than a game.


Wild Team Building

Gamification - the application of typical elements of game playing — point scoring, competition with others, rules of play — to other areas of activity.

Game On

Fun sits squarely at the center of everything we do. Using game-based play and design our amazing team of event producers are experts in creating truly memorable team building experiences. We handle everything from start to finish. That means the only thing you’ll need to worry about is exactly how much fun your team is going to have.

The Experience

Experiences are designed to bring out the best in you and your teammates by encouraging game-based strategy, exploration, creative problem-solving and communication in an insanely fun and collaborative environment.

Types of Games

No matter what type of fun your team is looking for, we can make it happen. From fully customized experiences to challenges that utilize mobile technology to experiences that benefit charitable and humanitarian causes, we’ll make sure you get the results you want while your teammates have a ridiculous amount of fun in the process.

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Your Team. Your Experience.

No two teams are the same. That’s why every one of our games can be a customized experience — start to finish — to meet your goals and those of the organization.

Our innovative approach to team-building starts with a phone call. Right from the get-go we partner with our clients to understand and learn about their team’s unique needs and what they hope to get out of this experience.

We take what we learn and our producers get to work developing an experience that your team will consider a success.

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Team Building By The Numbers

Team Building Results
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Creativity + Technology

Combine the amazing creativity of our intrepid event producers with the capabilities of today’s mobile devices and you’ve got a team building experience that takes fun to a whole new level.

From using a custom designed app on a tablet to decode a clue or using your own smartphone to snap a selfie on a treasure hunt, we’re constantly imagining new ways to integrate mobile technology in fun and innovative ways.

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Our Take On Technology

Tech Enabled Results
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Games That Do Good.

Giving back to our community and those in need is one of our core principles. Fortunately our awesome clients feel the same way. We produce games designed specifically with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind. A Towers Perrin study found that corporate social responsibility is the third most important driver of employee engagement overall, proving that charity activities affect the bottom line.

Wildly Different Charitable events include collecting, assembling or donating items like food, clothes, toys, bikes or school supplies and everything in between. We’ll make sure the experience we create for you and your team will be both fun and fulfilling.

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In The Last Year Alone

Charitable Results