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Team Building Events For People Who Hate Team Building

Love what you do, and you’ll be a success. That’s part of what makes us Wildly Different. We are also wildly qualified;  delivering high-value in-person and virtual team building events that are results-oriented. Plus, they are really fun events! Whether you need a cutting-edge event for business executives or team building activities for your sales team, the Wildly Different team building company can put together the perfect activity for your large or small group. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

What Our Clients Say About Our Events.

Play Outside the Cubicle is more than our tagline! We believe in delivering team building events your attendees will want to participate in!

We build strong relationships with our clients which is why they continue to work with us for their in-person meetings worldwide and their virtual meetings for their remote teams. You’ll always work with one of our core team, so there’s no wondering about who will run your event, or how good it will be.

Yes, we offer the “classic” team building events and exciting virtual team building. However, we also excel at creating custom events that weave in your messaging to deliver your objectives in a unique and memorable way.

We work with wildly wonderful clients in industries including Health (Biotech, Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices), Insurance, Technology, Software, Financial and Banking, Energy, and everything in between.  We build relationships with these companies (and their meeting planners) who in turn trust us again and again to deliver remarkable team building experiences for them.

Interview with the Wildly Different Team Building Company

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Who should do a Wildly Different corporate team building activity?

Our virtual and in-person team building events are great for corporate groups of all sizes. We work with small groups of 30 or less all the way up to large groups of 1500 or more who are looking for engaging team building exercises! Our team loves executing fun and unique team events for meetings of all sizes.

Our virtual team builders and in-person corporate team building activities are designed to engage your meeting attendees. So, whether your attendees are a sales force, c-suite, group of pharmaceutical representatives, high-level executives, engineers, scientists, and beyond, our play-based activities will immerse your group in an interactive experience that brings them together while having fun!

What is the benefit of doing a Wildly Different team building event?

Humans crave “real” and authentic connections, which is why peer-to-peer socialization is a big part of every organization’s well-being. Our in-person and virtual team building activities allow your participants to connect with one another in a non-intimidating way. 

Solving a clue together in an escape room or working together to complete a task in a live game show or scavenger hunt are fun and natural conversation starters. By hosting a charity team building activity or murder mystery, you are creating an opportunity to bring your attendees together on a personal level while building trust and strengthening their professional relationships. 

Where should we hold a Wildly Different team bonding activity?

Most often, our in-person corporate team building activities coincide with a larger meeting that takes place at a resort, hotel, or conference center. However, we also conduct events at our client’s offices, in city centers, in private event spaces, in restaurants or other venues, and even in theme parks!

Whatever location you decide on, our Wildly Different team building event company will be there on-site to execute the program of your choice.

Our virtual games and team builders are designed to be done on a virtual meeting platform. These online and app-based activities connect your remote group no matter where in the world they are. You can choose to hold these virtual team building events on our Zoom platform, OR on your own preferred online meeting platform.

The Wildly Different Team Building Experience.

What makes our team building company stand out above the rest? Our team building event professionals ensure your event, no matter how large or small, goes off without a hitch. We also have a great selection of corporate team building activities to choose from such as high tech hunts, virtual team builders including escape rooms, classic favorites, and charity events, along with custom-designed events just for your group. Best of all we handle events for teams nationwide.

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